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Skin Tag Removal

An Overview of Skin Tag Removal Techniques

skin tag removalThere are many methods of skin tag removal such as freezing, cauterization, home remedies, and various products specifically formulated to get rid of skin tags. As skin tag removal may induce serious bleeding or lead to infection (depeneding on the method), it is recommended that you consult with a physician prior to engaging in trying to remove tags yourself at home.

What are Skin Tags?

Skin tags are small growths that resemble warts or moles and generally grow around the neck or underarm area. However, skin tags can form just about anywhere on the body and particularly in areas where skin folds such as the neck and underarms, eyelids, around the stomach or hips, and on the inner thighs and pubic regions.

Prior to removing skin tags it is a good idea to consult with a dermatologist. In some cases, cancerous growths are mistaken as tags. I should also point out that in most cases, tags are not harmful and do not need to be removed. It’s often a choice based on cosmetic reasons.

Cauterizing Skin Tags

Cauterization is one method of removing skin tags. A dermatologist generally performs this procedure. There are various instruments a dermatologist may use to remove skin tags. The most common instruments are merely an electrically charged blade that cuts the tag off while burning or cauterizing the flesh to prevent bleeding.

Depending on the area of the skin the tag is located, the dermatologist may numb the area prior to cauterizing. This procedure can be painful both during and while recovering. Cauterizing can also result in scarring. I don’t recommend this method, though depending on the size and location of the tag, a doctor may feel this is the best option of treatment.

Freezing Skin Tags

Another common method of skin tag removal is to freeze the skin tag which is supposed to kill the skin cells and ideally it will just turn black and fall off. Though, a dermatologist may freeze a tag while simultaneously cutting it off. This can also be a painful experience and can result in scarring as well. I have had tags frozen by a doctor and was fortunate I didn’t get any permanent scars.

There are of course several over the counter products that you can purchase and do this procedure at home. If you choose to go this route, please read all instructions and warning labels prior. You may have to undergo several applications to see permanent results and even at that, you are not guaranteed results. I’ve used several over the counter products. They can be somewhat painful leaving you with a sort of throbbing or burning sensation for a few days.

Skin Tag Removal Home Remedies

Update! If you are serious about removing skin tags from the comfort of your own home then go read my review of the latest skin tag removal product I tried called DermaTend.

skin tag clusterSome of the home remedies that I am familiar with are coating the skin tags in nail polish, tying a string or hair around the tag, cutting the tag off with scissors or nail clippers, and using various plants such as milkweed.

I have and continue to get skin tags. I have gone to the dermatologist once to have several removed but lately I haven’t had any outbreaks that warranted removal. I can’t stress enough that tags don’t always need to be removed. If they are in obvious locations, get irritated often, or affect your self esteem then you should definitely get them removed. Though, if they are in hidden locations and are not causing you any discomfort I say leave them alone. Let’s get back to home remedies.

I can tell you that I have used milkweed to try to smother the skin tag. I would apply a generous amount of the milkweed sap to tags daily. After about a week I noticed they seemed to be drying up, but I got tired of applying the milkweed everyday and gave up on it. I think if you did this for several weeks, it could be effective.

I have also tried the nail polish and tying a hair around the skin tag trick. Neither of these methods worked for me. They were also very uncomfortable and resulted in more irritation of the tag than anything. I wouldn’t recommend either of these methods.

What has worked for me is using an over the counter freezing solution. I have used this several times with good results. Though, like I said, it can be quite painful and you may have to try several different products and even at that you are not guaranteed results. Tags can be quite invasive and difficult to permanently get rid of. The fact that they seem to keep coming back makes it difficult to get them under control. A lot of this may be based on genetics and other lifestyle factors.

I say if you find a home remedy that works for you and is safe then go for it. However, I am not a big advocate of people experimenting with things that could be potentially dangerous or painful. There are plenty of products on the market now to help get rid of tags, but there’s only one at this point that I’ve tried that wasn’t painful and worked really well. I’ve provided a video and a link below so you can get more information.

Please exercise your best judgment with any form of home remedy. I was shocked when I saw a video of a guy cutting a tag off with a pair of scissors. That is not sanitary, could result in infection, and of course its going to be extremely painful and definitely result in scarring.

Final Thoughts on Skin Tag Removal

I have given a brief overview on the various methods of skin tag removal that I am familiar with. I created this website to help others find relevant information about skin tags and skin tag removal as I have yet to find a really helpful website on this subject. If you want more information about tags, you can check out my article on what causes skin tags. I’ve uploaded a video showing how DermaTend works. This is a product I have used and I got great results. The only thing I don’t like about this product is it’s kind of messy but it’s quick and relatively painless (with exception of having to scratch the tag with an Emory board). Check out the video, and if you want more information, I’ve provided a link below the video so you can learn more.

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Please take the time to browse through the various articles on skin tags and skin tag removal. Also, if you have any tips or have tried something that has worked well for you, please share in the comments section or shoot me an email so that others can benefit. Please be aware, many links such as the one just above are affiliate links. Should you purchase DermaTend through this link I will be compensated which is greatly appreciated as this helps to maintain the cost of the site.


  1. Skin tags are ugly and unsightly to look at. These are very informative articles you have gathered about skin tags.

    I had one removed and it was a little easier than I expected. The prep time was longer than the actual removal process.

    Thanks for keeping this issue in the forefront because they can become cancerous as well.

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    Big Blues..

    • Hello Big Blues! Thank you for the kind words. I can easily be reached through the contact tab or on Google Plus. Also, I sent you an email about your question on skin tags. Thanks again for stopping by Big Blues, much appreciated.

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