Freezing Method of Skin Tag Removal

Is Freezing Skin Tags Safe?

One method of skin tag removal that I have tried and had good results with is an over the counter freezing treatment such as Dr. Scholl’s Freeze Away or Compound W Freeze Off.

I prefer the Compound W, but they are around the same price and both will work. I like the Compound W because it comes with a stem that you place on the skin tag and squeeze the trigger. Dr. Scholl’s has more of a dauber on the end and for some reason it just doesn’t feel as powerful to me.

Does Freezing Skin Tags Hurt?

freeze offWhat I’ve noticed in using this method of skin tag removal several times is there is quite a bit of pain associated with freezing. The pain feels similar to a mild burn and lasts for several days.

As soon as you have frozen the skin tags, you immediately feel that they are stiff or “dead”. After a few days, the skin tags will change colors turning to black and then eventually shrivel up and fall off.

If I recall correctly, the skin tags will generally fall off within a week or week and a half. The skin underneath will be sensitive and there may be some discoloration or scarring.

Also, what I’ve noticed about using this method of skin tag removal is that sometimes it doesn’t completely get all the skin tag. I had one time where there was like a little nub even after the majority of the skin tag turned black and fell off. The nub eventually went away so I don’t know if this is normal or if it was just a personal experience.

Do You Recommend Freezing Skin Tags?

While I don’t necessarily recommend skin tag removal from home, this is probably the safest method of skin tag removal you can do yourself.

I went to a doctor once and this lady brought in this tank of Nitrous Oxide. She had a little handheld instrument that looked like an airbrush which connected to the tank. The method she used is identical to using one of the over the counter products.

One of the main reasons why I don’t recommend skin tag removal from home is because it might not be a skin tag. It could be a cancerous growth. Also, skin tag removal from home may not be the ideal sterile environment and can lead to bleeding or infection.

Those rare instances aside, like I said, I have done the freeze thing at home and it worked well despite some pain and minor scarring.


I feel obligated to give you an update. As of this update (April 9, 2013) I’ve been running this blog for only about 3 months. In that time I’ve done a ton of research on skin tags and have tried a few new products out. So far, the one product that has really impressed me and is the only one I plan to recommend at this point (I do plan to try additional products for comparison…but if something works go with it right?!) is something called DermaTend. It is all natural and works on moles and warts as well as skin tags. You seriously need to give it a shot! It comes with a 60 day 100% money back guarantee.

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